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  June 2014                  Masks made for B4 Youth, one set of 9 masks


  June 2014                  First workshop for B4 Youth instructors at FPCT


  Summer 2014            Set of 9 masks traveled to Liberia


  September 2014        First assessment of Mask use in Liberian communities


  November 2014         Video Training series filmed at FPCT


  December 2014          Planning for Summer of 2015 masks and training


  January 2015              3 new mask designs created


  Feb 2015                    Fabrication of 39  masks for Liberian youth


  March 2015                 Video Training series first edit complete and reviewed


  April 2015                   Successful and fully funded Indiegogo campaign that funded mask creation


  June 2015                    Masks and training video and equipment travel to Liberia


  June 2015                     Instructor Training in Mask for B4 Youth Theatre in Liberia


  June 2015                     One week intensive mask training with Youth


  June – August 2015        Creation of 4 original plays using mask


  August 2015                  Performance of 4 original plays, Theatre Festival in  Bong County, Liberia


  August 2015                  Surveys, photos, video and feedback on mask work returns to Baltimore


  June - July 2016             Tara travels to Liberia to teach mask performance in first 2 weeks of B4 Youth Summer program.                                                              







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