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Making one another smile, one mask at a time...

See collections of images from our process since June of 2014-  Each one is a slideshow!

Our masks in Ghana and Liberia!


Our masks and pedagogy traveled with Jasmine Blanks in the summer of 2015 to the African continent and worked with dozens of youth!

The first set of masks arrive in Liberia, 2014!

In June of 2014, a set of 9 masks arrived with Founder of B4 Youth Theatre, Jasmine Blanks. 

First workshop for B4 Youth Theatre instructors at FPCT
A team of volunteer instructors came to Fells Point Corner Theatre, June 2014, for Mask Performance 
Filming Mask Performance Training Videos
In November of 2014, four actors came together with videographer David Toia and WMM founder Tara Cariaso to film a video series that will share step by step mask performance techniques with instructors abroad.  Actors Elena Day, Connor Hogan, Mary Myers and Kolleen Kintz filled the Fells Point Corner Theatre stage!

Indiegogo Campaign!


Thanks to amazing partners, PHOTOGRAPHY BY KINTZ, (aka, Kolleen and Bobby Kintz) we have these gorgeous photos which represented our fundraising campaign in the media.  Thank you friends and partners for your help, including our mask performers, Aaliyah Blanks and Florish Okijweh!





The mask designs for the new set


of 12 EMOTION MASKS going to


Liberia in June of 2015



They include:  Joy, fear, sorrow,


anger, disgust, awe, adult, baby,


elder, ambivalence, shame and





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